Top 3 Advantages of Using Dark Fiber

Dark fiber: It's fiber that's been installed but is no longer in use. It may never have been in use; sometimes companies install more fiber than they need. Regardless, it's there, and it's waiting. You can lease or purchase dark fiber for your own company's use. What are some major advantages of using dark fiber for your connectivity?

1. Dark Fiber is Affordable and Accessible

When you use dark fiber, you don't have to run your own fiber. Running fiber is expensive; using dark fiber is exponentially more affordable. You can invest in a dark fiber network for a fraction of the cost of having to run fiber yourself and you won't need to rely upon another service provider to manage your system (unless you want to).

Dark fiber is going unused, and that's why it's often available at lower cost. While availability does depend on your area, most locations do have a dark fiber network that's just waiting to be lit up. When you think about dark fiber and your current network connectivity solution, you should think about the total cost of ownership and the cost of upgrading the system in the future. 

2. Dark Fiber is a Scalable and Future-Proofed Solution

You can acquire a large dark fiber network and push additional traffic through that network as needed. When you're working through another service provider, you need to pay for additional resources as needed, and these costs are going to be far more expensive. So, if you're trying to future-proof your system, leasing out a dark fiber network is perfect.

Your organization can forecast its needs for the next few years or even the next decade and determine whether a dark fiber network would be more suitable to you. Many times, a dark fiber network is going to serve you better both now and into the future, rather than having to invest in live wires that will require additional resources over time. 

With dark fiber, you have nearly unlimited bandwidth capabilities. And if your organization needs to deliver connectivity for customers and clients, you'll be able to do so. When you do want to scale upward or downward, you can install new transmission equipment as needed. 

3. Dark Fiber is a Reliable and Controllable Solution

Dark fiber is both reliable and scalable, as it will only be used by your organization and your organization alone. Rather than competing with other businesses in a network, you instead have complete control over your own network. And that means that you're going to experience far fewer issues with traffic, bandwidth and latency; you're going to have a stable, reliable system that you can depend on.

If you want to completely control your network, dark fiber is the best choice. 

If issues do arise with your dark fiber network, troubleshooting will be easier and faster, as you only need to account for your own usage. And, of course, you can have a managed service provider help you with your dark fiber network, so that everything is handled as effectively and efficiently as possible without tapping into your own core resources.

Are You Interested in Dark Fiber?

Dark fiber isn't for every organization, but it is a fantastic choice for organizations that can benefit from it. The organizations that will benefit most from dark fiber are organizations that are looking into scaling, that need high bandwidth and low latency, and that want to control their network. In an era of huge cybersecurity breaches, being able to secure and control a network has some fantastic benefits.

If your organization needs to connect multiple campuses, has data centers that need to remain accessible, or has customers and clients that need to be assured fast, speedy connections, then dark fiber may be the right solution for you.

In short, dark fiber is accessible, scalable and affordable. It's a great choice, as long as it's available in the area that you need it. Are you interested in finding out more about dark fiber? Contact us now at PS LIGHTWAVE.

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