SD-WAN and Business Needs

Reliability, connectivity and security are the hallmarks of a business WAN. Yet cloud solutions have rendered traditional WAN architecture difficult to implement. Instead, SD WAN architecture is on the rise. Software Defined WAN solutions are the WAN solution for the new era, making it possible to connect business architecture. Businesses with multiple offices often need the reliability and speed that a WAN can provide. 

The Need for a WAN

A WAN is a Wide Area Network, which is designed to connect large businesses and campuses. A WAN provides both speed and security. Through network protocols and software infrastructure, data can be piped both within the internal system architecture and to outside access points. In so doing, a hybrid solution can be created. WANs use internal routers and software routing to manage corporate systems from end to end, while also making it possible to still connect to integrated, cloud-based solutions. 

The Advantages for Software WAN

Software WAN is more versatile than hardware solutions, allowing for a business to manage both its internal and external, cloud-based assets. Apart from this, SD WAN also has a number of advantages shared with traditional WAN, including speed, flexibility, reliability and security. 

SD WANs can be configured easily on a software level, which makes it readily possible to change the network as needed. Like a WAN, the ability to maintain an internal network makes it possible to improve safety and security. Keeping a limited network is the perfect way to isolate the network from potential hazards.

For businesses, SD WAN can improve productivity and efficiency, while also reducing the company's risk and potential for exposure. 

Signs a Business Needs an SD WAN

Which types of businesses are more likely to need an SD WAN?

  • Companies with multiple locations which need to connect to the same applications, data or server. WANs were initially used as a method of quickly connecting systems over large campuses. 
  • Companies that maintain devices in other locations, such as ATMs or trucks that connect to GPS. A WAN can be extremely large and extensive, depending on the hardware and software used to drive it.
  • Companies that have very large campuses with multiple departments that need fast, reliable connections between each other. SD WAN can improve the connections between businesses to improve both reliability and efficiency. 
  • Companies that have previously used a WAN solution but that have since moved to hybrid solutions and consequently are unable to use their existing WAN with their new cloud solutions. 

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